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24. Januar 2019
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Kommentare deaktiviert für Reverse Mentoring Kick-Offs abgeschlossen!

Reverse Mentoring Kick-Offs abgeschlossen!

Mittlerweile sind im re-ment-Projekt die Kick-Offs an allen Schulen abgeschlossen. Hier ein paar Impessionen des Matchings der Schüler_innen-Mentor_innen mit den Lehrer_innen Mentees an der Informatik NMS Stockerau. Für die Kulinarik wurde auch immer bestens gesorgt.

Alle Mentor_innen und Mentees haben sich gefunden und arbeiten nun im Tandem oder zu Dritt an den technologischen Themen, in denen sich die Mentees weiterbilden möchten – beispielsweise aktuelles Wissen, wie Kahoot! als Abstimmungstool im Unterricht eingesetzt werden kann, oder wie Notentabellen in Excel erstellt, Videos produziert werden können, manche haben auch live Unterstützung im Unterricht (z.B Nutzung von Smartboards, Handling im IT-Raum) vereinbart. Wir sind schon sehr gespannt auf die Berichte!

29. Dezember 2018
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Kommentare deaktiviert für A new partner is on board!

A new partner is on board!

11. November 2018
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Kommentare deaktiviert für Eine kleine Baumauswahl

Eine kleine Baumauswahl

Im Reverse-Mentoring-Projekt „re-ment“ stehen wir mittlerweile kurz vor den Kick-offs an den vier Partnerschulen. Die MentorInnen haben ihre Trees of Life gezeichnet oder gebastelt und sind sich auf diese Art ihrer Kompetenzen und Fähigkeiten bewusster geworden.. Hier eine kleine Auswahl:

8. November 2018
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Kommentare deaktiviert für Different generations, similar purposes

Different generations, similar purposes


Let’s go through another Austrian WYRED story, a reflection on new and old “addictions” to technology.

Four young men from Lehrlingsstiftung Eggenburg chose an interesting way of discussing their gaming experiences: they let their favorite YouTubers speak for them in sharing phrases of the Rapper Dames’s songs in an online discussion. One of these songs is “12 Millionen” (15 Mio hits): 

So what is it, that makes young men play WoW (World of Warcraft)? Their discussion tells us, that they love being in a community where they are respected as they are. In the community they are well kown and valued for their contributions, no longer have to prove they are good performers. The problems of the real word vanish, when logging in to another world and with others collaboratively solving  the challenges given there. Its addictive being in a flow. They  are a team, they are strong together.

But wasn’t it similar in the “good old times”? Times, when they were not even born and the previous generation was glued to television? TV series like Popey, Spiderman, Superman, Wiki, Asterix and Obelix provided the strong and clever idols in that times. Wasn´t this – at that times when television was the leading entertainment technology – as addictive and distracting from the real world as gaming is now? Have a look at: “Die guten alten Zeiten” (26 Mio hits):

Though being distinguishable by the 24 hours availability of online gaming and by the level of active/passive participation, it seems that every generation uses its specific technologies for similar purposes.

19. Oktober 2018
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Kommentare deaktiviert für Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The new story for the WYRED project comes from Hertha-Firnberg-Schools in Vienna together with Lehrlingsstiftung Eggenburg, the two partner organisations participating in  the first two years  (Cycle 1 and 2).

The Planet Earth is in Danger

Lack and waste of resources is limiting the society in order to evolve and expand the knowledge and use of renewable energy. Rare earth metals are a fundamental part of advancing in terms of science and technology. Resources like petroleum, coal or copper, which are fundamental for the continuity of a functioning infrastructure and therefore crucial for the survival of human kind, are extinguishing. Consequently, there is the need of funding and further developing environmentally sustainable ways of energy generation. When taking a look at the Fukushima incident in 2011 or the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in 2010 it is further easy to recognize, that the wrong treatment of these resources is one of the causes. Most of these catastrophes are directly linked to natural disasters caused by global warming – another energy related cataclysm made by the ignorant use of energy of humanity.

What Renewable Energy can be Good for

Not only is the introduction of renewable energy stopping energy related disasters from happening, it has also many other positive aspects, which are worth mentioning. Firstly, and probably the most important issue that occurs when generating energy out of fossil fuels is global warming. Since it is a problem that is current and becoming more and more dangerous for Planet Earth, it is the duty of nowadays generations to build the foundation for fighting global warming in the future. Therefore, instead of using coal, which produces 0.6 to 1.6 kilograms of CO2 per kilo Watt-hour, or natural gas, which amounts from 0.3 up to 0.9 kilograms CO2 per kilo Watt-hour, as energy sources, they should be replaced by wind, solar or hydroelectric power. They emission roughly 0.01 kilogram of Carbon Dioxide per generated kilo Watt-hour.

Therefore: We urgently need to continue with the processes of the introduction of renewable energy!

“Jesseal” from the Lehrlichgsstiftung Eggenburg (avatar name used at the WYRED palatform) produced a collage showing the dangers of nuclear power plants, being a steady real danger in the northern border region of Lower Austria – the region where his school is located nearby.