Zentrum für Gender und Diversität

About Us

„In problem solving, diversity is powerful stuff“ (Scott E. Page)

We want to support you in reaching your organisational or individual aims with regard to equality in the fields of your work, research or training.  We are a team, aligned not only by 25 years of a friendship but also by the understanding that now there is the right time for equal participation of all women and men in society.

Mag. Dr. Sabine Zauchner-Studnicka, MSc|

Study of Psychology at the University of Vienna, PhD in the field of Gender Studies, Master for Technologically Supported Learning, Systemic-Constructivist Business Coach. Years of experience at Danube University Krems as Head of the Educational Technology Research Centre, Deputy Head of  the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology, Chairwoman of the Committee for Equality Issues. Experienced in coordination of [inter]national research projects, several publications especially in the fields of Gender and Technology/New Media.


Mag. Michaela Gindl|

Study of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Since 2005 Co-Head of the Staff Unit for Equality and Gender Studies at Danube University Krems. Experienced in application-oriented research projects in the context of gender mainstreaming in educational institutions, gender-related careers, equality measures and gender sensitive teaching. Years of experience and practice in training and further education with regard to gender and diversity.

Ethical Standards and Data Security

MOVES admits to the ethical standards for psychological research, drafted by the Ethics Committee of the University of Vienna, which  also include specific standards for the work with childen.

 In doing scientific resarch we are submitted to the  Austrian data protection law as specified in § 4 Z 14 Datenschutzgesetz 2000 (DSG 2000; ), specifically

  1. The purpose of the use of data has to be stated.
  2. The data that will be processed have to be specified.
  3. Possible data-recipients have to be named.
  4. The possibility of participants to revoke their participation in the project anytime must be explicitly mentioned.


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