Zentrum für Gender und Diversität


MOVES would like nothing less than to work together with you to change the world a bit. Our many years of experience and know-how enables us to support you and your organisation in promoting equality within the context of gender and diversity, through a research-based and solution-oriented approach.

In our Research Activities, we focus on the field of gender and diversity. We work on the deconstruction of stereotypes and are committed to promoting equality, particularly in the areas of technology and digitalisation, mentoring and reverse mentoring, and inclusion. Moreover, we continually apply our expertise in the fields of gender and diversity to our clients’ widely ranging R&D projects. In doing so, we place a great deal of importance on adapting the content and form of mediation to the specific character of the project.

That also applies to MOVES’ systemic constructivist Coaching and Training Programme. This ranges all the way from gender sensibilisation training, via MINT seminars, to specific programmes for the integration of gender aspects in (public) organisations.