Zentrum für Gender und Diversität

Research and Development

MOVES has at its disposal a large repertoire of research methods derived from participatory social science. We develop and coordinate R&D projects in the general field of gender/diversity and are also involved in research consortia at both national and international levels. Furthermore, we advise public and private research institutions on the integration of gender aspects into their research enterprises, and also accompany research projects with our gender expertise.

Current Projects in Technology and Digitalisation

We have developed and tested a sustainable Reverse Mentoring Programme for schools, which will be implemented for a second time during the school year 2018/19.  Its aim is to interest girls and young women for IT by encouraging an unusual and at the same time innovative change of perspective. It takes steps towards deconstruction of the image of technology as a purely male domain. Moreover, we are currently working on the development, testing and validation of the inclusion/diversity strategy for the H2020 Project WYRED (netWorked Youth Research for Empowerment in the Digital Society). This is an attempt to give a broad spectrum of young people in Europe a voice in the digitalised world. Most importantly, it is also an attempt to include marginalised groups in generative research processes.

Digitalisation is also the keyword for two current projects which started in starting autumn 2018, in which we are participating as partners. They concern,  the use of robotics in social fields“RoboGen“  (bmvit, 5th Call Talents) and the broad subject of Industry 4.0, with the aim of examining the foreseeable changes which they will bring for the working world  „NextGenLAB“ (bmvit, 5th Call Talents). Both are highly innovative subjects, and in each of them the process of considering gender-relevant aspects is only just beginning.

Gender Expertise for Projects

Furthermore, we continually apply our expertise in the fields of gender and diversity to our clients’ widely ranging R&D projects: in the development of a gender-sensitive diabetes application for Salzburg Research Ltd.; in an adventure game which aims to interest girls for IT, undertaken for Makam Research Ltd.; in the mobility projects of the Centre for Applied Game Research at the Danube University in Krems, and yverkehrsplanung GmbH.

Details R&D Projects