Zentrum für Gender und Diversität

Training and Coaching

Current Programme

In its systemic-constructivist coaching and training programme, MOVES covers a wide range of areas. Thematically, apart from helping to sensibilise groups to perceive gender/diversity, it is also involved in MINT seminars (Mathematics, Information Technology, the Natural Sciences and Technology). MINT skills, in particular, are frequently regarded as the basic knowledge and abilities required to respond to the technological developments of Industry 4.0. Our programme is rounded off by specific offers for the integration of gender issues in organisations, as well as in research and/or teaching projects. The training courses and/or workshops are developed in close cooperation with our clients, in order to guarantee that they cater for their organisation’s specific conditions and requirements in the best possible way.

How We Work

Making individual reflection possible helps to support our aim of reinforcing participants’ ability to deal competently with gender and diversity.  The way that MOVES works is characterised by methodical variety against the backdrop of a respectful and appreciative working atmosphere. Theoretical inputs and practical work phases complement each other and support the individual learning process.  The procedural elements which guide the methodical and didactical design of our programmes focus on an orientation towards the resources and solutions found in the systemic-constructivist approach to coaching.