Zentrum für Gender und Diversität

There are many ways to be a girl or a boy

In the last two weeks WYRED-participants have been working intensely on ways that lead out of gender stereotypes. Breaking the dichotomies of being a woman or a man but offering new opportunities for all genders. They have made a very wide range of suggestions:

On the basis of trustworthy data, for example from the European Institute for Gender Equality, they agree that initiatives to include gender-sensitivity in pedagogy must start very early in the life of a child, they also agree that gender training for educators are a core part of the way to gender equality. Interesting initiatives such as the “living library“, events that facilitate communication with marginalized groups or the “she board“, which elegantly changes stereotypical views attributed to women, were presented. In particular, the media were intensively discussed in order to ban sexism or to reflect on the understanding of “toxic masculinity” in advertisements. The young people shared  their favorite reports and favorite books with us and find collaboration between stakeholders, governmental organisations and business very important. To the view, of the participants in this fortnight several important steps already were taken to change the gender narratives, although much remains to be done.



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