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With our gender and diversity expertise, we accompany organizations in the comprehensive promotion of equity.

We offer consulting and support in the development and sustainable establishment of a diverse corporate culture.

A high degree of openness and sensitivity in dealing with current social developments characterizes our research.

The coaching and workshops offered by MOVES are based on systemic, solution- and actionoriented approaches.

What we do


Our understanding of research is based on a Responsible Research and Innovation approach. This means that we focus on societal challenges and tie our activities to the highest ethical standards.


We believe that an attractive work environment can be created when all employees are offered equal opportunities for participation, regardless of gender, age, origin, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.


Our workshops fundamentally strengthen the ability to think and act in an equality-oriented way and promote a corporate, organizational or team culture that is characterized by equal opportunities.


Systemic-constructivist coaching is an effective method to work on problems in a focused and solution-oriented way within a short period of time. The topics are manifold, the focus is on individual empowerment.

To read

Biased Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning - currently debated under the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) - is entering a new era. This photo, for example, was generated by an AI image generator. But what pitfalls might there be on a societal level?

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New Standards in Education

Kick-off for the project "StAct - Start and Act": The Vienna University of Education, Otelo eGen and MOVES are launching an innovative educational project that empowers students to create social and inclusive entrepreneurship.

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Gender Bias and Stereotypes

We are all exposed to gender stereotypes and bias, the implicit assumptions about the genders that are unconsciously conveyed and guide actions. These are two very powerful concepts that determine behavior and influence decisions.

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Intersectionality on the way

Gender theories are constantly moving forward, are posing themselves in relation to the major equality issues of the time, they are critiquing each other, they are building on each other, and are responding to cultural imperatives.

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About us

We are a team that is not only connected by 30 years of friendship and many years of working cooperation, but also by the common understanding that it is time for an equal participation of all women* and men* in social life. We bundle our many years of diverse experience and expertise in gender and diversity issues in MOVES to take the first steps towards a desirable future together with you.

Sabine Zauchner

Managing Director of MOVES, certified business coach (Austrian Coaching Council) and gender expert. Degree in psychology and doctorate from the University of Vienna. Extensive experience in gender and technology and STEM research as well as in participatory, social science development projects. Expert in gender equality and gender mainstreaming processes. Trainer on gender topics, management of (inter)national research projects and author of several related publications.

Michaela Gindl

Co-founder and freelancer of MOVES and co-head of the staff unit for equality, gender and diversity at the University of Continuing Education Krems. Studied sociology at the University of Vienna, expert in gender equality and gender competence, experienced in application-oriented projects on gender in educational and research institutions, on gender-specific career paths and gender equality measures. Extensive practice as workshop leader, facilitator and trainer.


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