Through a four-step process – the four Gender Mainstreaming (GeM) steps – we support you in developing and sustainably anchoring a corporate culture that appreciatively uses the potential of diverse perspectives.

In doing so, we assume that equality is on the right track when reflection leads to a breaking down of stereotypical ideas about men* and women* about their attitudes, interests, behaviors or competencies and the associated hierarchizations and social power aspects.

Together with you, we develop a tailor-made gender equality plan for your organization, which is mandatory for applications for research funding under Horizon Europe. This development begins with a gender analysis, in which we gather data and information relevant to gender equality. Based on this, possible actions and goals are derived in further steps, and measures are developed, implemented, and reviewed. This is done on the basis of and in coordination with the guidelines and recommendations of the European Commission.

It relates to the four mandatory criteria of the GEP (1) Publication, (2) Dedicated resources, (3) Data collection, and (4) Training/Awareness raising. The content-areas recommended by the EC (1) Life work balance and organizational culture, (2) Gender balance in leadership and decision making, (3) Gender equality in recruitment and career progression, (4) Integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching, and (5) Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment are examined in terms of their suitability for the the specific organization. It will be clarified whether a selection of the content-areas should be made or whether additions are necessary.