Systemic-constructivist coaching is an effective method to work on problems in a focused and solution-oriented way within a short period of time. The topics are manifold, the focus is on individual empowerment.

We accompany you to work out a decision for yourself, to develop new professional perspectives, or to work through a conflict and take the first steps towards a desirable future. Individual strengthening, the development of new perspectives and an increase in your own ability to act are at the centre of this structured process. Did you know that you already bring your solutions with you?

Coaching based on a systemic-constructivist paragraph develops solutions to your individual problem situation in a few sessions. Our constructions of the world, the constructions of others are often at the center of conflicts. These constructions are fundamentally changeable and have an effect on the system as a whole. By adopting other, new perspectives, the development of solutions is made possible.